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At Cedar Grove we have been providing the highest standards of veterinary care for the past 60 years. Over that time we have built an enormous bank of experience and knowledge


We have also built up an extensive portfolio of equipment which is not available in most practices. Much of this equipment we use on an everyday basis and you and your pets benefit from our facilities. This is our opportunity to showcase a small portion of the equipment and facilities we have at our finger tips at Cedar Grove.

Ophthalmic / Eye Exam Equipment –

We have an extensive range of equipment which allows us to perform a very thorough eye exam. Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes allow deep exam of the retina. A state of the art “slit beam biomicroscope” allows us to perform detailed exam of the cornea, anterior chamber and eyelids. A “tonopen” allows us to measure intra-ocular pressures and thereby diagnose and monitor your pet’s treatment of glaucoma. A “gonio lens” helps us more thoroughly investigate your pet’s glaucoma. We can perform detailed intraocular ultrasonography which helps us diagnose and manage many conditions. We maintain a hospital standard operating microscope and an extensive micro-surgical kit which allows us to perform delicate intraocular and corneal surgery.

Operating theatre equipment and Anaesthetic monitoring –

We maintain a vast array of equipment within our operating theatre to make your pet’s surgery as safe as possible. ECG machines allow us to monitor the electrical activity of the heart. Pulse oximetry is a technology which allows us to measure the oxygen carrying capacity of the tissues and highlights problems at an early stage. Capnography, conversely, measures the carbon dioxide and helps us monitor breathing and respiration. Digital temperature monitoring is performed through anaesthesia. Bear hugger. Our team of Qualified Veterinary Nurses are very well trained in all aspects of anaesthetic monitoring and are well equipped to deal with emergencies, should they arise.

We maintain a vast array of equipment which is essential on an everyday basis to provide your pets with accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our blood pressure monitoring equipment  is vital in the management of cardiovascular disease in cats and dogs as well as fine tuning of treatment for animals with liver and kidney disease. Our electro-caudery equipment is vitally important tool in the operating theatre – in delicate surgery it is an essential tool to allow us to cut through tissues in a “bloodless” technique; it helps close down bleeding vessels and control blood loss. Its other important application is that it allows us to quickly and easily remove small skin masses without the need for full anaesthesia. We have a fully functional cryosurgery unit which is especially useful in the management and treatment of some cancer conditions that we encounter.

Our dedicated intensive care ward allows us to manage critical medical and surgical cases 24 hours per day. This hospital standard facility allows these patients access to maximum facilities. It is manned by Qualified Veterinary Nurses and monitoring includes blood pressure, ECG, temperature , blood analysis as needed using our on- site laboratory. Fluid therapy is administered via drip pump to allow accurate dosageand administration of fluids and blood products as needed. Incubators are available for smaller patients that require warming. All kennels have additional heat sources as needed by our patients and piped oxygen is available to supplement patients as needed.

Our isolation ward is a stand- alone ward where we hospitalise animals with infectious disease - thereby preventing the spread of disease around the practice. The ward is very thoroughly ventilated to help disperse airborne disease and temperature is closely monitored to ensure animals remain comfortable. A dedicated veterinary nurse will care for the animals in isolation and will have full knowledge of each patient’s condition and needs. The nurse will spend time with your pets to provide a gold standard of care. The kennels and floors are covered with sealed, easy to clean surfaces and each kennel has fresh padded Vet Bed provided with individual, dedicated food and water bowls to prevent disease transfer. We stock a full range of diets to meet your pet’s needs and all patients will have frequent nutritional assessment. Drip pumps allow accurate administration of intravenous fluids and blood products as needed by your pets.

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