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What’s the point of a Pet Health Plan?

The short answer is “because pets are expensive, so why pay more than you have to?” If that’s the only bit of this blog you read, it’s the most important! However, there are a lot of misconceptions about Pet Health Plans, so in the remaining 90% of this blog, we’re going to compare the myths and the facts about this programme.


Myth 1: I don’t need it because I’ve got Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance and Health Plans are completely different. Pet Insurance will pay out if your pet is ill or injured - it doesn’t cover routine treatment (such as worming, flea treatment or vaccinations). Pet Health Plans do the opposite - they pay for your animal’s routine treatments, but not emergencies or health problems. In fact, you should think of them as complementary - a pet who is fully wormed, defleaed and vaccinated is much less likely to require veterinary attention (that’s why we call these treatments preventative healthcare).


Myth 2: The savings are exaggerated, because animals don’t need treating that often

Well, this depends on how much you actually like your pet, and want to care for them. Dogs and cats are constantly being exposed to disease organisms - for example, virus particles lurk in the park, on the roads, and even in closed-in gardens, carried by cats, dogs, even foxes, and lasting for many months in the environment. Just walking on infected soil can lead to a dog becoming infected with hookworms that are capable of burrowing through their skin. In addition, cats can, and do, contract a range of tapeworms and roundworms from their prey, and all pets pick up fleas from other animals in the environment. If you want to keep your pet safe, they need a modern, up-to-date flea programme (to prevent the fleas becoming established in your house, most spot-ons need repeating monthly), regular worming (usually every 2-3 months) and annual vaccination.

If you’re not doing this already, you’re putting their health at risk - and in the long run, it’ll probably cost you more in vet’s bills!


Myth 3: It’s a waste of money because I can get cheaper worm and flea products from the pet shop

It’s true that the prescription-only products are, generally, more expensive than over-the-counter ones. In the same way, morphine is a more expensive painkiller than aspirin - but that doesn’t mean aspirin is better. The products we stock and sell are prescription-only because they are powerful and have been scientifically proven to be effective. This is not necessarily the case for cheaper, unregulated medications, some of which (e.g. permethrin spot-ons for cats) can actually be dangerous.



Myth 4: It’ll make it harder to afford my pet

Not at all - essentially, a Pet Health Plan is a way of budgeting, to spread the cost over the year. This means that you’ll always know how much you’ll be spending each month, and there won’t be a nasty surprise come vaccination time! There are also discounts for member pets on a wide range of other products and services, from blood tests to dental treatment to pet food from the practice.


Myth 5: It’s only for older animals, I don’t need it for a puppy or kitten

While some of the offers (e.g. blood tests, prescription medicines) are more likely to be relevant to older animals, others are specifically aimed at puppies and kittens - for example, 20% off neutering!


Myth 6: It encourages dangerous over-vaccination

At Cedar Grove, we select the vaccine regime with your pet as an individual in mind. Many of the vaccines we give only need to be done every 3 years - so we only vaccinate when the animal really needs it. The risks from “over-vaccination” are very, very small - certainly compared with the risks from infectious diseases like Parvo, Distemper, Panleukopenia or Feline Leukaemia.


Myth 7: It doesn’t really improve their health

Not only does it help you to keep their preventative treatments up to date, but the Pet Health Plan also includes a FREE 6-monthly health check with one of our highly trained and qualified Veterinary Nurses. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure your pet’s teeth, nails, weight and overall health are in tip-top condition, and pick up any problems before they become significant.

Our Pet Health Plan will save you money, and help to keep your pet healthy. What’s not to like?! Click here to apply for Membership!

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