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Successful flea control involves;

  1. Eliminating fleas from your pet 
  2. Controlling fleas in the environment  

Fleas are not host specific. Dogs and cats share the same fleas and because of this it is important that all the animals in the house are treated with appropriate medication. Treatment of the pet is relatively simple since it is only the adult flea that has to be eliminated. When it comes to environmental control other stages of the life cycle have to be considered.  

This is why it is vital to eliminate fleas on your pet and also control fleas in the environment. 

Take Control

If your pet has fleas, its important to tackle the whole flea problem, not just the adult fleas you can see on your pet. 

You can kill adult fleas and prevent on-going infestation of the home by regularly treating your pet with two active ingredients – one to kill fleas, the other to prevent the development of eggs, larvae and pupae. 

We recommend a preparation that will contain both of these ingredients in a small pipette, which you then apply to your pets skin. 


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