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Parasitic worms infect most cats and dogs at some time in their lives. They can damage your pet’s health- and worse still, your family’s!

Some worms can infect people, and their larval stages can cause a number of health problems – with children being most at risk. 

That’s why responsible pet owners should make regular worming part of their pet-care routine. 

How often should we treat for worms? 

It’s difficult to prevent worm infection, so it is recommended that you should treat your cat or dog regularly for worms. 

If you worm at least every 3 months, it will help keep your pet healthy, and, importantly, vastly reduce the number of worm eggs shed into the environment. 

Hunting cats are especially susceptible to tapeworm infections mostly due to the animals they catch, such as mice and birds. 

A few ways to reduce your pet’s chances of getting a worm infection: 

  • Safe disposal of dog or cat faeces 
  • Rigorous kennel hygiene 
  • Routine flea control, including the animals environment 
  • Worming of all newly acquired puppies and kittens 
  • Preventing scavenging of carcasses 
  • Correct feeding (ie.avoidunsterilised pet food) 


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