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Cedar Grove Vets

Our theatre suite has been designed to minimise infection and complications during surgery and ensure that patients under anaesthetic are monitored closely to reduce any problems.

The theatre is equipped to the highest standards with piped oxygen, surgical air and power supplied via ceiling pedants to allow free movement around the patient. The operating tables are heated to prevent peri-operative hypothermia and the theatre nurse is monitoring each case.

Double LED lights allow good lighting of operating sites without emitting heat and drying out tissues during the operation. Access to digital radiography (X-rays), are available on a monitor in theatre so these are always available to the surgeon.

There is a separate scrub and gowning area, and the kit preparation area and equipment are to human hospital standards to keep infections at a low rate.

There is easy access to the imaging suite if required and all animals are returned to the intensive care unit to ensure a safe recovery from anaesthesia.

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