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Cedar Grove Vets

Our in-patient wards are equipped to the highest standards. There are separate isolation and intensive care wards, with species-specific accommodation to reduce the stress for your animal whilst they are in hospital.

They are staffed 24 hours a day by dedicated qualified nurses who will have full knowledge of each patient’s condition and spend time with them to get to know each patient’s needs individually to provide gold standard care

The kennels are stainless steel to ease cleaning and minimise infection risk and are kept spotless. Flooring is vinyl, again to maximise hygiene. There are larger kennels for long stay patients and the dog wards have large walk in kennels that can comfortably accommodate even the largest of breeds.

The isolation ward is also divided into dog and cat areas and prevents the spread of infectious conditions. Padded Vet Bed bedding is supplied for each patient and mattresses for patients who need to remain laying down.

We offer a variety of diets to meet your patient’s nutritional needs and all patients will have a nutritional assessment. Each ward has bathing facilities and there is piped oxygen directly into the ward, which enables us to provide oxygen quickly to patients with breathing problems. There are separate exercise runs within a central yard for urination and defaecation.


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