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MRI Scanner at Cedar Grove

Northern Irelands first and only fixed MRI machine operating 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

We have a long standing tradition of managing spinal cases, complex fractures and joint surgeries, and MRI scanning is considered the gold standard for diagnostic imaging of soft tissue structures. We have installed this equipment and will run it in association with Dr.W. McCartney MVB,Dipl ECVS,DSAS (Ortho), PhD, MRCVS, European and RCVS recognised specialist in small animal surgery and small animal orthopaedics. Dr McCartney has been using Cedar Grove as a base for his referral work in Northern Ireland for the past 4 years. Images will be read by a board certified radiographer.

This exciting development significantly adds to the range of services we provide to both our own clients and referring vets.

Why MRI?

MRI scanning is similar to an x-ray in that it will provide images of the inside of your pet, but it does provide more detail and it is safer because it does not use radiation.

MRI is particularly useful and non invasive in imaging the nervous system, musculoskeletal structures (especially the joints),cardiovascular structures and abdominal organs. Common cases would include patients suffering from

Seizures,Vestibular symptoms,Neck or back pain,Paresis,Ataxia,Lameness,Abnormal nasal drainage or swelling

Please do not hesitate to contact the surgery by telephone or email if you have any queries regarding these services, or if you wish to discuss a case


Referring Vets can download a MRI referral form here



MRI Referral Form


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