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Diabetes Management

Diabetes is surprisingly common in pets

Our vets and nurses provide not only the medical knowledge to help you understand and treat your pets condition, but also provide a support service should you feel you need additional help. Not everyone feels they are able to administer insulin by injection and organise their lives to settle into the regime required to manage diabetics successfully. 


This is where our diabetic clinic comes in. It gives owners of diabetic pets, new and old a chance to liase with the nursing team with any concerns they may have. We monitor our diabetics closely and help you understand what tests are needed and wny. Many clients are nervous and apprehensive when they discover their pet is diabetic. We like to feel we can help alleviate the worries they might have, and encourage them to go on and discover their pet can live a long and healthy life through knowledge and management of the condition.

Find out more about diabetes here

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